Modest Moderate Fare


Putting Food First {most of the time}

Find nourishing, whole-food recipes made with simple ingredients...

{and also tips and recommendations for how to deal when whole foods aren't available}


Being {a little} More Mindful

Discover jedi-mind tricks & tips that will allow you to be more mindful about your eating habits...

{and talk about what to do when you eat that whole tub of ice cream}

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Moderation in All Things

Learn what daily "moderation" actually looks like & why it's better than popular restrictive diets...

{and celebrate the days when we go a bit overboard}

Modest Moderate Fare is about recognizing, respecting, & celebrating the {parentheses} that life brings.


{Parentheses} are the last-minute dinner plans, surprise parties, ice cream cravings, and family get-togethers. They are the things that happen outside of our routines. The things that trip up our best laid plans. 

They are the events that we claim mess up our diets and constitute our "cheat days." But at the same time they are the things that make life wonderful. 

Modest {Moderate} Fare is about honoring the fact that we are all human. 

It's about engineering a lifestyle that works for YOU & allows for the {parentheses} of life to occur. 

It's about finding what makes YOU look, feel, and be your absolute best.

It's about being compassionate towards yourself. We are all fantastically imperfect. And that is a beautiful thing.