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3 Tips to Avoid Over-Indulging this Halloween

MindfulnessAly HaebigComment

Halloween is practically here! And regardless of whether you have children or entertain trick-or-treaters, there is no doubt that bags of fun and bite-sized candies have been making a steady creep from the store into your home.


And we all know what happens next, right? Candy sits in dishes in common areas until Thanksgiving with the constant temptation to nibble on just 1, okay 2, alright more like 3 candies. While this is all good for our taste buds, those fun, bite-sized calories do add up to having king-sized consequences (see what I did there? :). Halloween marks the beginning of the common "battle-of-the-bulge" seasonal struggle: How to avoid over-indulging over the holidays?

While I will discuss the other holidays at later dates, here are 3 tips to put to work this Halloween to avoid over-doing it:

1. Do not go to parties (or Trick-or-Treating) on an empty stomach.

Just like the common advice to not shop on an empty stomach, the same holds true for Halloween festivities. Prior to the event, eat a protein-filled snack like cottage cheese + blueberries or peanut butter + apple. This will help you feel full and more equipped to turn down that extra piece of candy. 

2. Pack some peppermint.

Peppermint is a known pro at squashing cravings and it helping you feel satisfied. Pack peppermint gum, tea, or even infuse your water with mint leaves to help you say no to the tempting candy bowl at work. 

3. Mark your calendar

Give yourself time to enjoy the holidays, maybe even a little over-indulgence (everything in moderation, right?), but put a red circle on your calendar around the date you want to resume your healthy eating/exercising regimens. One or two days of over-doing it do not matter in the larger scheme of things. What matters is that you get back into your healthful routine and avoid the "all or nothing" mentality (i.e. "I blew it now. Might as well just stop doing everything altogether.").

Keep these tips in your back pocket to remain mindful but, most of all, enjoy the holiday! 

What are some tricks you use to avoid over-indulging this time of year? Comment below!