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Budget Tip: How to Keep Produce Fresh All Week Long

Aly HaebigComment

One of the struggles I️ periodically experience is not only a complete bummer, but a total budget buster.

It’s fruit and vegetables...gone bad☠️.


How many of us have bought food for a specific dish, only to find that midway through the week it’s already past its due? I’m here to tell you that there is an answer, and it’s relatively simple. 

The ☝🏻rule to remember that will make your fruit/veggies last longer & your money go further...

Moisture 👎🏻. Humidity 👍🏻.

Yup. Moisture kills. Take away the moisture (i.e. dry the produce) and preserve the humidity (i.e. keep the produce in a bag or Tupperware) and you've got yourself some long-lasting fresh fruits and vegetables! 


Here are some quick tips to help you troubleshoot some of the trickier fruits and vegetables:

  1. When choosing delicate loose greens, wash them at home and layer them in a Tupperware with a paper towel (or cloth) in between each layer. This works especially well with spinach!
  2. For heartier Greens or herbs, take them out of their bunches, wash them, shake them dry and wrap a paper towel or cloth around them before placing them in a plastic bag.
  3. Anything already in a lot of moisture (think baby carrot bags) take them out of the original packaging, dry them off as good as you can, then store in a separate Tupperware container or baggie.
  4. For berries, I️ try to prepare whatever I’m using them for right away, as they will last longer once separated. 

In general, the sturdier the vegetable or fruit when you buy it, the longer it has the potential to last. 

Sturdier produce includes: Cabbage, squash, carrots, celery, broccoli, beets, kale, apples, pears

Sensitive produce (but we love them anyway!) includes: Peaches, plums, berries, mushrooms, cucumbers, arugula, green leaf lettuce, spinach, etc

What tips or tricks do you have to make your produce last longer? Any that continue to thwart your best laid plans? Comment below!