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3 BIG Updates

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The month + 1/2 or so I've taken off from blogging and social media has served me well. My absence can largely be explained by studying for the RD exam (aka the boards exam I need to pass before becoming a dietitian). I have spent the past month paging through copious amounts of notes from my life in graduate school and memorizing tedious bits of information to the tune of '80s pop hits (I owe a serious debt to Huey Lewis & the News).


I've also taken this time to do a little good old-fashioned soul-searchin.' Do you ever have so many big things happen to you at once that you're paralyzed from all the good feels? There a million different ways my career as a RD could begin, and right now I feel as though I am standing in the middle of a deserted 4-way intersection, turning constantly to look at what lies down each road. Oh, and by the way...

Update #1: I am a Registered Dietitian!

Typing those words still does not make that news, the biggest personal news I have had in years, true. Graduating was one thing. In fact, that felt almost a tad trivial at the time. Knowing I still had one final exam to pass slightly dulled all the pomp & circumstance of graduation. Studying for the exam was another thing. I spent countless hours pouring over information I thought I already knew...but maybe I didn't know it as well as a thought I I'll just look it over another time...oh my god I don't know anything! (and repeat!)


But taking the exam was a heart-quickening, nail-biting, sweat-inducing, process. The day of the exam I felt the strange calm that always comes over me when I'm about to take a big test. The feeling can best be explained as "F*** it. Here goes nothing." The relief that washed over me when the screen came up that I passed was immense. I am so thrilled that it is all over and I can now propel myself into the job hunt!  

Update #2: This Blog Looks Different...

It IS different! As someone who is endlessly tweaking things to make them precisely how I want them (a compulsion of mine that I find annoying at times), it was no surprise to me when I found myself wanting to change things up here. I've streamlined the look a little more, added a column, AND...

Update #3: Added a Subscribe Feature!

You guys, newsletters are kind of my jam, and I am so excited that I am finally rolling them out on the blog! When you subscribe (located on the side bar to the right), here's what you can expect from each monthly newsletter:

  • Brief recaps of posts from MMF that you may have missed from that month
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(I promise no harm or annoyance in the form of spammy e-mails will come to you!)

Talk to you all again soon! Happy Monday!