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The Essentials: An Introductory Post to my New Blog

Aly HaebigComment


Come and sit down, stay awhile, and pour yourself a mug of coffee {because I offered and of course you want some because you are human...fine, tea is allowed too}. Let me tell you a brief story:


Act 1: Girl begins graduate degree in nutrition with every intention of being a superwoman. She dreams of slaying difficult assignments, breezing through presentations, and maintaining excellent grades all the while keeping herself in exceptional shape, holding down a job, cooking all her meals, and possessing a thriving social and romantic life.

*Sigh* {Let's take a brief moment of silence for that spectacular vision}

Act 2: Girl survives graduate school {the coursework at least} and, although she certainly feels like a superwoman now more than ever, it was hardly easy, breezy, or beautiful. In fact, in retrospect she might describe this period of her life as the metaphorical equivalent of climbing a mountain in the dark, in flip-flops, during a torrential downpour with gusting winds, occasional hail, and treacherous footholds. And then halfway through the climb an earthquake happens, rattling her to her core. 

Act 3: (In progress) Girl emerges from the rubble, stronger and ready to take on the real world. With her coursework out of the way, she decides to start a blog about nutrition. But more than nutrition, a blog about eating and living in a way that makes you feel, what's the word?, good inside. No guilt trips. No "I should" talk. No judgment. No perfectionist thinking. No deprivation. Instead, more real talk. More acceptance. More discussion. More of that feeling good stuff. 

Enter Modest {Moderate} Fare. 

More to come later this week, but in the meantime, read up on me and/or my food philosophy here and here.


P.S. Don't worry, this blog will not be told in strict 3rd person narrative. I just threw that in there for fun :)