June 2017


Whole Milk or Skim, Which is Better? : Milk 101 Series Part 3/4 {6.9.17}

I remember the first day I bought whole milk.

Raised on a combination of 2% and skim, I had never tried the whole stuff. And during the seemingly obligatory "almond-milk only" phase of my personal nutrition education {I will never use the phrase 'nutrition journey' here...*shudder*}, I ditched dairy altogether, favoring instead the myriad of plant-based "milks" out of pure curiosity. But, as more studies emerged on its benefits {more on those later}, I became curious about whole milk...


A Definitive Guide to Choosing a Non-Dairy Milk Best for You: Milk Series Part 4/4 {6.15.17}

I first tried non-dairy milk back when almond milk was the only contender and it was available exclusively in those creepy, shelf-stable cardboard cartons. I {triumphantly} convinced my local grocery store at the time to start stocking the refrigerated gold standard {Silk - everyone knows that} and, well, you know...became single-handedly responsible for kicking off the entire "alternative milk" movement...Yeah, so that's definitely not true.