May 2017


The Essentials: An Introductory Post to my New Blog (5.14.17)


Come and sit down, stay awhile, and pour yourself a mug of coffee {because I offered and of course you want some because you are human...fine, tea is allowed too}. Let me tell you a brief story...


Should You Drink Milk?: Milk 101 Series Part 1/4 (5.20.17)

"Milk does a body good," "Humans were not made to drink milk," "Got milk?" "Don't cry over spilled milk."

Do these phrases sound familiar? {Okay, that last one was a bit superfluous.} Welcome to the first of many nutrition series where I lay down the scientific evidence about certain nutrition conundrums that can confound even the best of us...


Nutrition IRL = Nutrition "In Real Life" (5.25.17)

I have been an avid blog reader for YEARS - we're talkin' 8 years worth of years - and after reading so many blogs {not to mention seeing all my favorite bloggers get married, buy houses, and have all the cute babies!}, I have developed a few preferences. One of these preferences is that I enjoy blogs that illustrate how they (bloggers) really eat & what they are eating. Like in real life. Sans filters and styling. Why? Because real life happens without filters and recipe cards attached...


Conventional vs. Organic Milk: Milk 101 Series Part 2/4 (5.29.17)

I spent most of my childhood in a country home on four acres of land. Lest you get the wrong idea {that idea being an athletic child spending all her waking hours outdoors}, let me say that I idled away most of my summers indoors, nestled with books, immersing myself in other worlds. However, when I did step out to, as my mom would say "blow the stink off of you," I observed the surrounding corn fields and plots of pasture with curious and imaginative eyes. Seeing the cows that peppered the landscape, I imagined they were treated with kindness, given sturdy names like Wilbur, Bruno, and Frank, and were hand-milked by farmers' daughters. {Yes, I had quite the imagination.}...